Frequently Asked Questions!

Where is the festival located?

The Oregon Tantra Festival is located online in 2020 and is available from anywhere you have a wifi or cellular internet connection.

How will I access the festival?

We have a private web page with all the links to zoom calls and recordings that you can access when you register and pay.

We have a private Facebook group that will be where we gather to share information and gather as community. Information on the workshops and the presenters will be available here as well as access to the workshops that will be presented on FB live. We will direct you to the links for the presentations, answer questions and create our community here.

Are there any requirements to participate?

The only requirement is your curiosity to explore with an open mind. Tantra means “weaving” and is about exploring connection and intimacy in relationship. This festival is ideal for beginners as well as those that are experienced Tantra practitioners. Nothing is required and you may explore at your own pace and comfort level.
On the tech side, you will need a free Zoom account, and a Facebook account to get the most out of the event.

Do I really need to have a Facebook account?
We know that having a Facebook account is a personal choice and some choose to not have one for various reasons. The reality is that for us, Facebook provides the most readily accessible way to create community, disseminate information about events and presenters, and answer questions from participants. Because there is a proven quality of performance and ease of use for most participants, it is the most practical choice.

If you wish to be part of the festival, but not have a Facebook account, we invite you to create a temporary account for this event only then delete it after. Or you can simply choose to only participate in the zoom events, which will be the majority of events.

What about event security?
We are aware that in this new age of online events, there are ongoing security issues that were unforeseen and are being addressed as they come to light. We are using the most secure technology that is available. We will make use of passwords, closed groups and waiting rooms to make sure that everyone participating in the event is a known and ticketed participant.

What about personal security? Do I have to turn my camera on?
You are always at choice as how you wish to participate.
Many will be using their own names while participating in the festival. You have the option of creating an alias when you sign up that you may use if you are concerned about exposure and anonymity.

We will ask you to turn your camera on and be seen on camera in the beginning of an event to provide a sense of security and inclusion for all participants. You do not have to stay on camera throughout an event. You may leave the camera frame or point the camera at the ceiling during the event if you wish.

If there is an event with breakout groups, you can also turn your camera away if you desire.

Are there any emotional support systems I can access if i need it?
Yes, we encourage you to attend the small support groups called Pods, where you share comassionate listening with a small group.
For some of the events, we also have Empathy Angels ready to have short conversations with you during that call.
You can also contact the event leaders for a paid private therapy session.

What is the best device to use for participation?
To have the best functionality on zoom, use a personal computer rather than a phone or tablet to log in to the zoom calls. You will have more choices of how to navigate.

I don’t know how to use zoom, is it easy?
Yes it is fairly easy! First go to and set up your free zoom account.

Here are some instructions:

• It is important to be on time. Events will often have a “door closing” time, after which no one will be allowed to join. Best to log in about 10 minutes early to be sure you are set up.
1) You can use your smart phone or a computer with a built in or a separate webcam and internet. Computers will give a better experience.
2) At the scheduled time, click on the link provided on the event page
3) When prompted, click Join Meeting.
4) Depending on the event, this will put you into a virtual “waiting room” and the host can see that you are there.
5) Stay in the waiting room until the host admits you.
6) Unmute your audio only when instructed and start your video to give access to your camera.
7) If the connection gets disrupted after it starts, please repeat these instructions.
8) When you arrive in the room, you can change your name if you like, to your festival name, and put in your pronoun if you like, by clicking on the menu on your image.