Everything you need to know!

See below for Event Guidelines, Prices, Refund Policy, Lodging Options, and more!

Event Time(s): arrive between 3 and 5 pm on June 5th, ends by 4 pm on June 9th.

Physical Address of Retreat: given after registration

Airfare and airport transfers are not included. The site is 50-60 minutes from the Portland airport, in Vernonia.

We will assist with carpooling through our “Facebook Group” and carpool site.

We may have assistant positions available, for doing part work trade for 15 hours, and paying $300 only. This opportunity is for a Full Festival ticket only, either camping or dorm. Please fill out our Work Trade Application if you want to apply.

Arrive on time

Note: please make sure that you arrive in plenty of time to set up your tent and register so you are ready in time.

We understand if some people need to arrive later on the first evening due to work commitments, however we really encourage as many people as can make it from the beginning of the festival.

This is unlike music and other festivals, we are taking you on a personal journey where you are encouraged to meet and connect with others and this will happen easier and deeper if you can be there from the start.

The festival finishes after a closing ceremony by 4 in the afternoon on the last day, and participants must leave the festival grounds by 6 pm that day.



Eating together is part of the festival. Festival tickets are fully inclusive of 3 meals a day.
Your Full ticket starts with dinner on the 20th, and finishes with lunch on the 24th. .

All our meals are mostly organic and vegetarian, with fish sometimes, and prepared with love – if you have any special dietary requirements please let us know in the additional information on the registration form.

Special Health/Dietary Needs Preferences: We will make every effort to accommodate vegan, dairy-free, wheat-free, and raw food needs. However, If you have special dietary needs please bring your own snacks and supplemental foods, as we are not able to provide everything for everyone's special needs.

The Site

Cedar Ridge Retreat is a beautiful wooded site in the northern rainforests of Vernonia, OR.

For more details and photos, see Cedar Ridge Retreat Web Site

Lodging Options

You have several options to choose from for your accommodation options.

Option #1 Indoor Shared Rooms

Indoor Small Shared Rooms with single beds or bunk beds, for 3-6 people, with our bedding

Option #2 Bunkhouse/cabin

Indoor Bunkhouses/Cabins- single bed or bunk beds, you bring bedding

Option #3 Platform Tent Dorms

Canvas Platform Tent Dorms- single beds, you bring bedding

Option #4 Camping

Camping in your tent, with your pad and bedding is very economical! There is a large open field for camping.

Option #5 Your RV

Bring your own RV, and sleep in comfort!

Option #6 Stay Offsite

If you live locally, you could stay in your own home and save! Or rent a place in Veronia if you want more luxury.


Contact Ray for more information.

Festival Prices and Lodging

Get $40 off these Full Festival Prices by registering and paying in full by April 15th!

1. $525 Full Festival in Indoor Small Shared Rooms- 4 nights, 2-4 people, includes food, our bedding
2. $475 Full Fest in Indoor Bunkhouses/Cabins- 4 nights, includes food, single bed, you bring bedding
3. $450 Full Fest in Canvas Platform Tent Dorms- 4 nights, includes food, single bed, your bedding
4. $425 Full Fest Camping in your tent – 4 nights, your bedding and pad, includes food
5. $425 Full Fest Camping in your RV – 4 nights, your bedding, includes food
6. $375 Full Fest non residential offsite, for local Portlanders, 4 days, includes food (The site is 1 hour from downtown Portland.)

Weekend Tickets
7. $275 Weekend Onsite camping in your tent, your bedding, includes food, 2 days Friday eve- Sunday dinner.
8. $275 Weekend Onsite camping in your RV, includes food, 2 days Friday eve- Sunday dinner.
9. $250 Weekend Offsite- Non residential only, includes food, 2 days Friday eve- Sunday dinner.

$5 Participant Parking Pass 2 to 4 nights, if you are bringing a car or RV
$50 Rent a private large platform tent, for up to 4 people of your choice. Add $50 per person

$40 Off Discount for Earlybirds on all Full Festival tickets types, when fully paid before April 15th
$30 Off Full Fest discount for Sex Geek Summer Campers only, Can’t be combined with another discount.
$100 Off Discount Partners of Presenters, Full Fest Regular tickets, not combined w/ other discounts


These are our Basic Event Guidelines.
Please check out our Policies Page for more details on Consent, Nudity and Sexual Activity.

* No Pets Please
*This event is for adults only, thanks
* This is a substance free event, please leave alcohol and drugs at home

* We ask for respect for the neighbors driving to the site, and keep voices low when outside the buildings. Avoid driving away late at night.

* Please keep the site clean, leave no trace, give space and respect the animals and the private homes on the land.

* All interactions with others are by mutual consent, based on respect and clear communication
*No public sexual activity, keep it private

*Refrain from wearing strong scents to help others who are chemically sensitive

*No violence or loud public arguments or disturbances of any kind tolerated

*Keep quiet, especially in the dorms and camping area after 10 pm so others can sleep.
*Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in you being asked to leave without a refund.

Refund Policy


We will refund your payment if you become unable to attend, minus an administration fee and bank costs (bank costs are fees incurred by us for credit card transactions, wire transfers, etc).

Or we can refund a portion of your payment according to the following schedule:
• Cancellation 30 Days or more Before the Event- before May 4, Full Refund minus $30 administration fee and bank costs.
• Cancellation 15- 30 Days Before the Event –May 5- May 19, Half Refund minus $30 administration fee and bank costs. You may transfer your remaining money to another person.
• Cancellation 0 – 15 Days Before the Event –May 20- June 4th 
No Refund except in medical emergencies. But you may transfer your ticket to another person.