The Facilitators

OUR HEADLINERS: Cassidy Geppert and Mika Smith

Cassidy Geppert and Mika Smith are certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teachers and are senior faculty members at the Ecstatic Living Institute. They have been entrusted by Margot Anand as teachers of the Love and Ecstasy Training ™ within the United States. In addition to conducting the Love and Ecstasy Trainings, they teach workshops, provide coaching to couples and individuals and facilitate Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher Trainings in the United Stated and France.

They are known for their depth, accessibility, and capacity to hold a safe and nurturing space for their participants to expand their vitality, awareness and sensuality.

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Amara Karuna is a therapist, relationship and sex coach, sex educator, artist, singer/songwriter, videographer and author, and is a co-organizer of the OR Tantra Fest. She has been involved with Network for New Culture for many years and is the Director of the New Culture Hawaii Winter Camp. She lives in Oregon and on the Big Island of Hawaii in the New Culture community called La’akea Permaculture Community.

Amara is a main organizer of the Oregon Tantra Festival, and the Cascadia Tantra Festival, both events that offer a variety of classes on sacred relationship and sexuality as a spiritual path.

She also organizes for International School of Temple Arts, for their week-long Level One and Two trainings in sacred sexual healing through Karuna Retreats, in Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

She developed a form of peer counseling, Holistic Peer Counseling, and has been teaching it for over 30 years. Amara Karuna lives in Eugene and in an intentional community on the Big Island of Hawaii, and has studied alternative healing since 1978.
She began studying Tantra and Sacred Spot work, a method of sexual healing, on Maui in 2003 with Joan and Tomas Heartfield, and has since studied 6 different methods of pelvic bodywork. She has taught Sacred Pelvic Healing Work, and led Tantra trainings and Pujas since 2007.

She is the author of the illustrated guide “Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage Practice Manual,” and offers Yoni and Lingam Massage DVDs to students for practicing at home.

Amara developed Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, a method of healing the inner infant-self using cradling, hypnotic induction and suckling to address emotional issues stemming from lack of breast-feeding & loving closeness as an infant. She is the author of “Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy- Healing Our Hearts Together.“

Bob Czimbal

Over the past 25 years Bob has created energetic and lighthearted presentations to Love Tribe, Sex Positive (Ecosex Symposium), Network for New Culture and Sacred Tantra Club.

He is the author of Vitamin T: A Guide to Healthy Touch and Kindred Spirits: The Quest for Love and Friendship. He offers counseling to deepen intimacy and provide solutions to the challenges of relationships. Bob has dedicated his life to the evolution of the human spirit.

Cliff Rees

Cliff Rees’ (MSCI, Gottman-certified workshop leader) first profession was 20+ years of teaching meditation to 2,500 people all over the world (Iran, India, Philippines, Switzerland, U.S.). He began studying Tantra in 1998 with Alan Lowen and is a graduate of Alan’s 2-year Body, Heart & Soul Training.

He’s assisted Alan at 25+ week-long Tantra courses in Germany and Switzerland and has offered over 100 events with nearly 3,500 in attendance on intimacy, sexuality, boundaries and presence, both within and outside of SexPositive Portland over the past 13 years.

He creates safe and nurturing spaces where you can explore your edges and learn more about your deepest self, your desires, and your relationships while dissolving and unwinding the blocks which get in your way. All activities are entirely consensual.

David Bruce Leonard

David Bruce Leonard is the creator of Rivers of Love Ceremonial Therapeutic Bodywork for Lovers. He is an acupuncturist, tropical plant medicine specialist, martial artist, and author. David believes in the innate somatic intelligence of the body and the power of our brain and nervous system to heal us and our planet.

He is fascinated by human behavior, including sexuality, the potential resolution of trauma, and the genius of indigenous cultures.


Evalena Rose

Evalena Rose, M.A. has taught Tantra 23 years and is a skillful coach in intimacy and communication skills. She founded LoveJourney: The Healing Path of Tantra, fostering a compassionate community practicing erotic arts.

Deeply spiritual private sessions include MetaTherapy, couple’s counseling, Tantra, and channeling. Extensive study in body-centered therapies, relationship skills, alternative healing, soul retrieval, and recovery from abuse & addiction.

Websites: &

Grace Bryant

For the past decade, Grace Bryant has taught Yoga, Tantra and Spiritual Growth and helped to create communities steeped in truthful connection and conscious living wherever she lived around the world. Her favorite offerings focus on personal empowerment, finding our authentic voices and living with intentional and fearless connection, especially through the lens of conscious sexuality and relationships. Through this lifelong journey of awakening, Grace has found a deep sense of peace and trust, and hopes to share this in her teachings.

Galen Fous

Galen Fous MTP: Sex-Positive Therapist, Author, Educator & Sex Researcher Galen lectures at universities, grad schools and conferences about sexual authenticity and specializes in the psychological dynamics of Kink. He is on the faculty of Sexology University, and the Modern Sex-Therapy Institute where he offers CE approved classes for therapists, on Kink-positive psychology.

His research is focused on understanding and mapping the psychological dynamics of sexual desire including Kink, Fetish and D/s-BDSM sexuality. He has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Galen works with clients within a Transpersonal framework that helps individuals and couples move through shame, fear and trauma towards honest, embodied and confident expression of their authentic desires. He helps clients shift from compulsive, secretive, risky sexual behaviors to negotiated, consensual ecstatic sexual engagements.

An important component of his research into the nature of Fetishsexual and Kink desire is the development of the Discover Your Personal Erotic Myth Survey. This ground-breaking research survey has over 4000 participants so far. It is the first Kink-focused study that begins to document the archetypal, symbolic, mythic aspects of Kink-oriented individuals by mapping the specifics of their sexual desires.

Galen’s latest book, Decoding Your Kink – Guide to Explore, Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires, has been praised by sexual psychologists and educators as “Visionary… Masterful… Groundbreaking… Cutting Edge… Worth its Weight in Diamonds… Highly Recommended… A Must Read!” He is also the author of The Sharp Edge of Love – Extreme Sex, Mythic Passion, Primal Intensity.

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Gwenn Cody

Gwenn Cody, MSW, CET, CTE has been teaching tantra and sexual enhancement classes for over 20 years. Her education includes professional level training with Margo Anand and Charles Muir, and participation in numerous other tantric, neo-Reichian and sex-positive workshops and trainings. She has presented at Hawaii Tantrafest, NCNF, Sex Positive Portland, and Loving More, as well as 10 years facilitating Sexual Radiance for Women (with Magdalena Zadikov). In addition, Gwenn has been a private practice psychotherapist since 1988 and an early provider of body-oriented psychotherapy, and therapy/support for non-monogamous people and those exploring “alternative” sexualities in her community. She’s certified as a Core Energetics therapist and a Pelvic Heart Integration teacher along with other modalities.

Hema Ganapathy

Hema, the founder of Hema Yoga, is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 6 years. Hema blends mindfulness, meditation and breath into a yoga experience that results in a greater awareness and connection to your body.

Hema is also a gifted energy healer, channeler and psychic. She uses Tantric techniques combined with her spiritual gifts to help individuals release traumas and negative blocks from their mind, body and spirit.

Jodi Baygood

Jodi Baygood believes in the extraordinary greatness of human beings. As a yogini, humanitarian, art therapist, and mother, she has traveled the world exploring human cultures and seeking out the extraordinary. Drawing from such diverse experiences as a solo journey around the world, living as a beggar in India for four years, teaching gender communication for Alison Armstrong, and producing classes in Sacred Sexuality, Jodi brings the vibrancy and richness of her passions to everything she does.

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Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, best-selling author of 12 books, and a professional speaker from Northern California. Mr. Robinson has made numerous appearances on the Oprah show, as well as many other national TV talk shows, and articles about him have appeared in USA Today, Newsweek and The Los Angeles Times. For the past 30 years he has spoken to dozens of Fortune 500 companies including Google, Microsoft, Dell Computer, Coca-Cola, and Fed-Ex.

Jonathan has written several bestseller books including, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Awakening Your Spirituality, The Experience of God, The Little Book of Big Questions, and Communication Miracles for Couples. He co-hosts the podcast “Awareness Explorers” with author Brian Tom O’Connor. Through TV, live lectures and radio, Mr. Robinson has reached over 100 million people around the world. He is known for providing his audiences with immediately useful information presented in a fun and entertaining manner.


Big River John Malotky

Big River John is a modern day Medicine Man having worked with and studied medicine training with several tribes from North and South America. He does not like to be called a Healer or Shaman even though he fits into either label. He prefers medicine man because he provides the tools and holds space while you heal yourself by discovering and working to rebuild trust in your own power, which in turn rebuilds your own self-love and acceptance for yourself. The Tantra modalities he has Mastered mastered include: Tao, Mahamudra and Vijyana Bhairava


Kauma Anahata

Kauma Anahata is an experienced Tantra Artist, Level 3 Reiki Master and Certified Yoga Nidra healer. Please ask for Kauma’s manuscript, “Sacred Touch, The Art of Tantra Massage.” Certified in Jade Lotus Tantra since 2008, Kauma’s beliefs are aligned with Eastern Spiritual Tantra, not Western Sexual Tantra. Kauma is former owner of Anahata Springs Spa and Retreat (clothing optional hot springs spa retreat) near Palm Springs, CA.

Kauma practiced many forms of tantra healing from single to couple to Tantra Group Retreats. Kauma is now owner of Anahata Wellness Retreat in Kauai. Expanded offerings to deeper levels of spiritual connection to the divine, and happiness.

Kauma offers tantra sessions, chakra balancing ceremonies, binaural beats meditative healings, vichy spa treatments and also leads adventure tours.

Click here for Kauma Anahata’s Facebook page.

Kim Keller

Kim Keller is a Certified Tantra Educator and Intimacy Coach, as well as Co-Organizer of Oregon Tantra Festival. Kim lives in Ashland, OR, with her partner, Jimmy Nacey. She specializes in working with women, men and couples looking for more pleasure, joy and intimacy in their sexuality, and utilizing that juicy energy to inspire and enliven their everyday life.

As a on-one-one coach, group facilitator, keynote speaker and workshop presenter, Kim has over 30 years experience as a counselor and coach, and is driven by her strong commitment and passion in the support and service of others as they discover and reclaim their own deep sensual and sexual nature as a critical part of overall health, wellness and vitality.

Magdalena Zadikov

Magdalena Zadikov LAc, MAEd has been involved with tantra and the erotic arts for more than two decades. With her husband, Bob Czimbal, she has facilitated Erotic Spiritual Play. Together with Gwenn Cody, she co-led Sexual Radiance for Women weekends for eleven years. She has presented at Network for New Culture, Portland’s Sacred Tantra Club, Breitenbush Hot Springs, and other gatherings.

Magdalena has also created Red Tent rituals for women in Portland, OR and on the Big Island. Magdalena is co-author of Vitamin T and Kindred Spirits. A professional acupuncturist since 1994, she has supported women through the life-cycle with an emphasis on fertility enhancement, reproductive health and complementary care of cancer patients using ritual to precede and expedite surgeries.

Ray Adastra

Ray Adastra is a co-organizer of the Festival, a professional counselor with experience helping people recover from substance abuse, a personal fitness coach and a professional musician. He supports clients in working with issues of intimacy, polyamory, open relationships, and sexual healing, and can work with couples.

Ray has presented for Sex Positive Portland, Polytopia, and Network for New Culture. Ray has been teaching Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage with Amara Karuna, who developed this technique. They live in Eugene, OR and Hawaii and teach mostly on the west coast. He did 2 years of service in Uganda in the Peace Corps.

Reid MIhalko

Reid Mihalko of and helps adults and college students create more self-esteem, self-confidence and greater health in their relationships and sex lives using an inspiring mixture of humor, keen insight, and comprehensive sexual health information. He frequently speaks at colleges and universities, and regularly appears in the media sharing his views on consent, dating, and shame-free sexuality.

Reid would also like you to know that he recently concluded a year-long restorative justice-based accountability process so he could address harms that were brought to his attention during the #MeToo movement. You can find details on that process on this page.


Robyn and Patrick have been happily partnered since 2001. They credit their Tantra practices for taking their relationship to the next level of intimacy and sweetness.

They’ve been dedicated meditation practitioners for the last 20+ years, students of Tantric philosophy, and are certified Anusara yoga instructors who have been teaching hatha yoga for about 45 years combined. They are trained in SkyDancing Tantra and teach Tantra workshops in Arcata and Ashland.

Robyn runs Inner Freedom Yoga and Conscious Thriving Relationships in Arcata. She is a Body-Centered Relationship Coach and certified NARM practitioner of developmental trauma. She calls her work the Yoga of Healthy Relationships, combining her love of Tantric philosophy with her embodied communication and relationship coaching. She offers online communication courses, online women’s coaching groups, and private sessions locally and online through She has brought her embodied relationship classes to groups in Northern California, Southern Oregon and Costa Rica.

Check out the Healthy Relationship Sisterhood Facebook group for women wanting relationship inspiration and support:

Patrick is a highly sought-after Board Certified Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator with advanced certification. His work and life are informed by his relationship with His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche with whom he lived and studied Buddhist Tantra in a retreat setting for two years. His devotion to spiritual practice has been unwavering for the last 23 years. He has offered classes and workshops integrating Hatha Yoga, meditation, and Myofascial release in Northern California, Southern Oregon, Costa Rica and Brazil.

Rusty Stewart

Rusty Stewart, Ph.D. earned his doctorate in Psychoeducational Processes (Group Processes and Dynamics) at Temple University. He founded and created “Personal Growth Alternatives, LLC” in Abington, PA over 19 years ago and launched his new business “Dr. Rusty’s Love Shack” in 2013.

Rusty is a proficient and skilled Professional Inspirational Speaker, Relationship Transformation Coach, Integrated Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Sex Educator & Coach, Seminar Leader, Reiki Master, Shaman, Breathwork Facilitator and Writer. He also teaches certifications for Usui and Shamanic Reiki and Holistic Integrative Breathing. Rusty has professionally recorded two 6 cd series titled “Holistic Integrative Breathing” and “Open Heart Shamanic Change Journeying.”

Rusty was a regular writer for Yoga Living Magazine for 9 years and Living Well Magazine for 1 year. He is currently studying Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Sex Geek Summer Camp with Reid Mihalko, and is studying at Tantra Quest with Shawn Roop in his Tantra Teacher Training.

Rusty’s current focus is with “Dr. Rusty’s Love Shack,” coaching people who want to attract and BE WITH the relationship(s) of their dreams with deep lasting Love and sizzling spiritual sex! He specializes in Full Self Expression and Taking 100% Responsibility in relationships and your life! Rusty Loves working with alternative/non-traditional lifestyles/relationships (polyamory, monogomish, BDSM, gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, asexual, queer, pansexual, questioning, curious, etc.) and traditional, open minded, edgy, monogamous, heterosexual lifestyles/relationships.

Dr. Rusty also interviews Love, relationship, Tantra, and sex experts from all around the world creating free virtual summits. His most recent summits were “Edgy Love Secrets Revealed” and “Soulmate Mania Summit.” He has been practicing successfully in his business and delivering sensational results for his audiences and clients for 19 years!

Victor Warring

Victor Warring, MA is a somatically trained individual, relationship and group facilitator, a somatic sexuality educator/coach and a pleasure whisperer. His work/play embodies re-wilding our animal bodies and inviting play, pleasure, connection, eros, community and social justice into all aspects of our lives.

Victor’s work and life are focused on the reclaiming of our innate, sovereign somatic intelligence buried within our domesticated lives; the intelligence of our wilder ancestors for which our animal bodies long. His work is gender orientation, sexual orientation, relationship orientation and libido spectrum inclusive and trauma informed.