Leah Alchin-Piper

Leah Alchin Piper the Founder of More Love Mentor & Seminars is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator™ and has been a student of Tantra since 1997. She is the Primary Female Facilitator for Source School of Tantra Yoga® and has been teaching seminars with Charles Muir & since 2004.

Leah see’s herself not only as a therapist but as a guide, companion, & mentor for those seeking deeper meaning in the world of sexual love. She inspires seekers that are hungry for sexual healing & those who have the desire to unite sex & spirituality to claim their own sexual awakening by using ancient, modern, & therapeutic techniques.

Leah has taught thousand’s of couples and individuals all over the world through More Love Seminars®, Source School of Tantra Yoga® Seminars, Instructor Training Courses, and her private practice, More Love Mentor®, to elevate sex to an art form. By doing so students have discovered that sex unlocks the keys to having a passionate, loving, & spiritually fulfilling life.

Amrita Grace

Amrita has been fiercely committed to guiding spirit-led people into their authentic, embodied personal power since 2000, inspiring them to live the fulfilled and abundant lives they dream of.

Co-founder of The Sacred Feminine Mystery School, Amrita is an accomplished facilitator of Sacred Sexual Awakening & Heaing-AH® workshops in the lineage of Caroline Muir. She and Caroline facilitate an annual women’s vacation retreat in Costa Rica and Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator® Teacher Trainings.

She’s the award-winning, international bestselling author of “Reclaiming Aphrodite – The Journey to Sexual Wholeness” and “Dancing with Breast Cancer – The Sacred Feminine Path to Wholeness” as well as a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator, an Ordained High Priestess and Shamanic Minister, a licensed Art of Feminine Presence Teacher® and a Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator.

Amrita brings her background in sacred ceremony, exotic/erotic dance, and conscious communication along with her unbridled enthusiasm for living a vibrant, authentic, tantric, magical life to everything she does.

Amrita has been in Beloved relationship with Apollo since 2008. They met at a Daka/Dakini Conference in Sedona during a Tantric Shamanic Breathwork process and navigated a long-distance relationship for almost 2 years, after which Apollo joined Amrita on Maui. They moved from Maui to Western North Carolina in 2015 and live happily on 6 acres they fondly call “Gracewood Forest.”

Apollo Grace

Apollo delights in working with people of all genders to help them develop a transformational and vibrant relationship with their own being… the foundation for developing and expanding the skills to connect deeply with others.

He’s an underworld guide who’s willing to go into the dark places – the places of shame, of shutdown, of feeling cut off from your juice – and help you find the golden life-force that awaits you on the other side.

He is a Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator trained by Caroline Muir, a Shamanic Minister ordained by Venus Rising, a Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, a Graduate of the International School of Temple Arts in Sedona, AZ, a Shamanic Astrologer, and a Transformational Coach.

The root of Apollo’s spiritual perspective is Integral Spirituality, which he continues to use as his primary framework for understanding growth and development. His first Tantra Workshop experience was “like coming home”; it offered him profound healing for his deepest wounds and showed him a unique gift he had to offer others.

Apollo has been in Beloved relationship with Amrita since 2008. They met at a Daka/Dakini Conference in Sedona during a Shamanic Breathwork process and navigated a long-distance relationship for almost 2 years, after which Apollo joined Amrita on Maui. They moved from Maui to Western North Carolina in 2015 and live happily on 6 acres they fondly call “Gracewood Forest.”

Evalena Rose

Evalena Rose, M. A., has taught Tantra for 22 years and is a skillful coach in intimacy practices and communication skills. She has helped people heal emotionally and spiritually through MetaTherapy, energetic healing, and channeled readings for 35 years. She has been a collaborator on rituals in conferences, festivals, and workshops for 35 years.

Evalena has decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, spiritual paths, Soul Retrieval, Tantra, inner child work, and recovery from incest, abuse and addiction.

Evalena founded LoveJourney: the Healing Path of Tantra in 1997, sponsoring workshops and supporting a compassionate community practicing the highest erotic and romantic arts. Evalena works in the San Francisco Bay Area and by phone or Skype world-wide. Her channelings and tele-seminars have reached people in 14 countries and 24 states. For more information, see: LoveJourneyTantra.com or evalenarose.com.

Fred Burks

Fred Burks has been deeply dedicated to spiritual growth and transformation for his entire adult life. He became interested in tantra and energy work over 20 years ago, and has facilitated many engaging, heart-centered playshops around the country. Helping people to open to the limitless sources of transformative energy available within themselves and others is both a great skill and passion of his.

Fred was a key founder of the sex and spirit based Sacred Connections community in the SF Bay Area and is a respected spiritual activist on the Internet. See www.peerservice.org for the inspiring and transformational websites he manages.


Kim Keller is a Certified Tantra Educator and Intimacy Coach,as well as Co-Organizer of Oregon Tantra Festival. Kim lives in Ashland, OR with her partner, Jimmy Nacey. She specializes in working with women, men and couples looking for more pleasure, joy and intimacy in their sexuality, and utilizing that juicy energy to inspire and enliven their everyday life.

As a on-one-one coach, group facilitator, keynote speaker and workshop presenter, Kim has over 30 years experience as a counselor and coach, and is driven by her strong commitment and passion in the support and service of others as they discover and reclaim their own deep sensual and sexual nature as a critical part of overall health, wellness and vitality.

See http://www.karuna-sacredloving.com
for counseling, classes, workshops, writings, videos.

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Amara Karuna is a therapist, relationship and sex coach, sex educator, artist, singer/songwriter, videographer and author, and is a co-organizer of the OR Tantra Fest. She developed a form of peer counseling, Holistic Peer Counseling, and has been teaching it for over 30 years.
Amara Karuna lives in Eugene and in an intentional community on the Big Island of Hawaii, and has studied alternative healing since 1978.

She began studying Tantra and Sacred Spot work, a method of sexual healing, on Maui in 2003 with Joan and Tomas Heartfield, and has since studied 6 different methods of pelvic bodywork.
She has taught Sacred Pelvic Healing Work, and led Tantra trainings and Pujas since 2007.

She is the author of the illustrated guide “Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage Practice Manual”, and offers Yoni and Lingam Massage DVDs to students for practicing at home.

Amara developed Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, a method of healing the inner infant-self using cradling, hypnotic induction and suckling to address emotional issues stemming from lack of breast feeding & loving closeness as an infant. She is the author of “Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy- Healing Our Hearts Together“.


Gabriella Cordova is a sexuality educator, relationship coach, author and a Sex Positive activist. She proudly produces large-scale events such as ErosFest NW and the Eco-Sex Symposium. Gabriella created a coalition of sex positive groups called Sex, Love and Spirit and hosted events with speakers including Annie Sprinkle and Christopher Ryan who wrote Sex at Dawn.

Gabriella is the organizer for the MeetUp group Sex-Positive Los Angeles which is 2300 members strong and Sex-Positive Portland which has 2500 members and growing. She also runs the Lotus Heart Center – an event space in Portland that holds workshops and hosts visiting teachers. Gabriella is in the process of writing her first book and developing the non-profit Sex Positive World.

Shivoso Phoenix

Shivoso teaches the practical realities, techniques and attitudes of extraordinary relationship. He has been fascinated by the dynamics of intimate relationships for over 15 years, leading to his studies for 4+ years with Charles Muir and the Source School of Tantra and 10 years of studying the psychology, physiology and cultural influences of relationships.

He came to realize that there was a deep need for the support of intimate relationships in these challenging times as the meaning and purpose of such relationships goes through a major evolution. He has subsequently developed a set of teachings, practices and resources that he shares as a Transformational Relationship Guide and Mentor at Intimacy Arts for active realtionships and individuals. He also is a facilitator at Tribal Convergence, Emerald Village Organization and conducts inspirational workshops and salons throughout the West.


Shoshana B. is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker. She has been passionate about helping people return “home” to their bodies and has been a licensed massage therapist for over 25 years. Shoshana has also studied Universal Taoist Sexual Healing with Mantak Chia. She is a Qi Gong practitioner, a Certified yoga instructor, as well as being a dancer, poet and singer in the band Nectarfari. She has lived on the Hawaiian islands for the last 25 years and is currently based in Oregon.


I am a full time Love Revolutionary, who is deeply committed to providing guidance to other humans to help heal their Central Nervous System Traumas and expand their consciousness, physical wellbeing, and pleasure!

I have been walking the path of personal and communal awakening for almost 30 years, studying spiritual disciplines, practicing natural building and permaculture, growing and preparing plant medicines for healing, living in intentional spiritual community, and I have extensively trained and become licensed in Western Clinical Psychotherapy, numerous Massage Therapy techniques, Watsu and Wataflow, and other healing modalities.

I am currently focusing my energy on Somatic therapies and practices that bypass the cognitive mammalian cortex conscious thought process to focus on accessing the Limbic Piscean/Reptilian brain, where we as humans store ALL of our Peak Experiences….the Traumas which set our fight/flight/freeze patterns of response as well as the transformational/psychedelic/integrative Transcendent experiences of Peak Consciousness.

I utilize a variety of techniques from many sources, including EMDR, EFT, Tantric practices, Cranial Sacral techniques, Sexological Bodywork, Wataflow/Watsu, and the conscious presencing of unconditional loving witness to facilitate CNS access and healing.


Ray Adastra is a co-organizer of the Festival, a professional counselor with experience helping people recover from substance abuse, a personal fitness coach and a professional musician. He supports clients in working with issues of intimacy, polyamory, open relationships, and sexual healing, and can work with couples. Ray has been teaching Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage with Amara Karuna, who developed this technique. They live in Eugene, OR and Hawaii and teach mostly on the west coast. He just returned for 2 years of service in Uganda in the Peace Corps.