Join our morning movement and meditation sessions to align and revive your body, mind and spirit. Then join us for inspiring experiential workshops throughout the day, led by well known facilitators who are passionate about sharing their work and insights with you!

Open into new skills and connections with your self and others!

Below are the details of the Workshops and Offerings that will be offered during our days together.

The River Space – Music, Arts, Play!

This year, in addition to the amazing classes and experiential events in the Lodge and in the touch tents, there will be an entire festival area in the forest set up for your enjoyment.

Visit the Yoni Temple, body painting table, or mandala and Yantra art creation area. Come to the God/Goddess worship temple (bring your beloved for some worshiping), visit the info tables and library, or spend some time with one of the presenters as they take you deeper into their work.

If you have an offering you'd like to share with fellow attendees, please contact Gabriella at to propose your offering. We are looking for adorers, foot washers, artists, musicians, magicians, poi/fire spinners, dancers, massagers (can you bring your tables), feeders, readers, and more.

Yin Yoga Massage

with Krista Love Hagman

Enrich your awareness, attunement, and receptive capacity through breath connection, partner yin yoga & Thai Yoga massage. In this offering, we create the mutual exchange of healing energy through compassionate touch, active listening, and unconditional acceptance.

By cultivating trust, respect, and appreciation of our inherent human-Divinity you will leave this playshop feeling open in your body, soft in your heart, expansive in your breath, and connected to yourself and others.

Sensual Yoga

with Shoshana B Love

Sensual Yoga: Greet the day in a Sexy Way! Come Harness your Orgasmic Energy as we awaken our bodies and our senses to a sultry musical groove. Enjoy the sensual pleasures of moving with awareness and of being embodied! Bring a Yoga mat if you have one.

AWESOME BOUNDARIES: for Empowerment, Safety, and Really Good Sex!

with Gabriella Cordova

This fun, informative and interactive class is required for participants to be able to attend touch events.

Okay, let's admit it, at one time or another we've all said yes when we wanted to say no, no when we wanted to say yes, and maybe when we really didn't mean it. Also, at one time or another we've pushed someone's boundaries, invaded their personal space, went in for the hug without waiting, or accepted a lukewarm yes when we knew they didn't mean it. Right?!?

It’s time for a change: the sexual revolution 4.0 is here! And we are armed with the tools we need, to do it right this time.

In this session you will learn and practice the following:

  • How to make an inventory of your yeses, your nos, and your maybes (things you kind of want to do, but only with the right person under the right circumstances
  • Where your line in the sand it, and where you want to test your own boundaries (maybe you don't know how you feel about something until it happens.) Learn how to explore safely using safe words, changing your yes to a no, and giving and getting feedback. How to say no, gently and with care yet with authority and finality. Also, tone of voice and screaming when your no is not being respected.
  • How to deal with someone who doesn't respect your boundaries (dealing with it as it happens, reporting it, and finding support after the fact)
  • How to get proper consent to protect against claims of violation later (examples: get it in writing, voice recording, witnesses). Although false accusations are extremely rare, misunderstandings and faulty memories are not. Physical maneuvers to evade the unwanted hug, a stray hand in a snuggle, or the person who has you cornered.
  • What to do it you freeze (fight, flight, or freeze response) and how to recognize that someone you are interacting with has frozen (usually caused by past trauma.)

This is a practical hands-on class where we will discuss actual and theoretical situations, and give useful information for how to deal with them. We are very specifically not going to be trying to place blame, as we strongly believe that this is a larger cultural and systemic problem, and like all problems, it can best be handled compassionately, elegantly, and with a view to problem solving and best practices.

We believe that people of every gender are longing for more love, connection, touch, and pleasure in their lives. We know that sex-negativity has systematically robbed people of safe and healthy ways to get these needs met, and we know that there is much work to be done to reclaim sexuality as something natural, healthy, and beautiful. Helping people feel safe and empowered is key, and good boundaries are vital.

The Sexy Truth

Join Kim Keller & Shivoso Phoenix for this safe, fun and sexy “fishbowl forum” designed to soften hearts by sharing our deepest desires for pleasure and connection. Together we will invite the opportunity to let go of limitations that sometimes arise when we try to share what we really want from a lover. Learn what it is like on the “other side” of who you love. Reveal the keys to your own pleasure, examine the blocks that appear, and open to receive your truest desire.

An opportunity to witness, divulge, and share from heart centered awareness, while creating a safe, sexy, sensual, sharing, revealing, and deep listening opportunity.

9 Minute Dates

with Fred Burks

For this playshop, each participant has the opportunity to connect for nine minutes with six different people (assuming 90 to 105 min). On each nine-minute date, the first two minutes are used to find agreement about what the participants would like to do on their date. They then have five minutes to dive in and explore what they have agreed to, followed by two minutes to wrap up and share about the experience.

Participants can just show up and see who might be available or watch for one or more rounds. All are encouraged to find dates with campers of all genders. And dates can be with more than one person. These dates can run a wide gamut from quite wild and sensual to tame and sedate, as long as they are fully consensual. The final minutes of the playshop are for the sharing highlights of the experience with the whole group.

Keynote: Discover the Keys to Energy Orgasms

Unleash your Healing Powers, Unblock the Neuropathways, Establish Stronger Orgasmic Circuity

with Leah Alchin Piper

Some people seem to have all the luck when it comes to understanding, feeling, and seeing energy…. But what about the rest of us? Are we doomed to only imagine it, never being certain that the “energy” we put out is, in fact, moving? In this event we will unpack the brilliant concept of the chakra system and why it is the #1Tantra Tool that takes you from being a dabbler in Tantra to a Tantras Master.

Leah will teach you how to “Track your Tantra Touch”; when you need to put more energy out, or pull your energy in, how to direct your energy, and the most potent chakra to send energy from. This is the "Love Map" of how to arouse and heal your lover(s) that will serve you (and them) a lifetime, super sizing your confidence, and raising lovemaking to an art form.

The EASTERN Approach - Discover the powerful esoteric practices (mantra and yantra) of the chakras and how they’ll get you ahead on your spiritual path and how to use them in healing sessions to wake up the consciousness of the "receiver.”

The WESTERN Approach - Discover the continuously fascinating pyschology of the chakras and how to use them in Tantra practices.

The Chakra Map - One of the best kept “sex secrets” of the masters is understanding erogenous potential of each chakra. Additionally, we will discuss which chakras are the most effective for energy transmission and which chakras can be manipulated/stimulated from the inside!!

Learn the foolproof method of transforming your touch from feeling clinical to super sensual. Easy to use strategies that will get you out of your head and into the body.

Plus an Advanced Tantra Technique - Learn Nyasa - The ritual charging of the chakras through hand, body, and mudras


with Tim Weaver

We live in a world full of preferences...and consequently limit the fullness of our life experiences and potential for connectivity and bliss by consciously and unconsciously allowing our preferences as well as our internal unrecognized prejudices to guide our interactions with other humans everyday.

We will be utilizing blindfolds and a series of safe, non-invasive touch and movement exercises to illuminate these blockages and create a container of unconditional touch, where people of all colors, sizes, genders, levels of "attractiveness" and other differences/distinctions that divide us can learn to touch and SEE each other with unconditional love and true acceptance.

The Forum

with Fred Burks and Evalena Rose

The Forum is a group process developed at the German community ZEGG to provide a stage for whatever is happening inside the person: one's true motivations, deep feelings, ideas and emotions. The Forum helps facilitate transparency, sharing and clarifying unsolved situations of daily life, and it can be a catalyst for one's own personal growth.

Earth Archetypes for the Masculine

with Apollo Grace

Invoke and step into the deeply rooted, deeply present Earth archetypes for the Masculine. Drawing on mythic representations, astrology, patterns of the natural world, and our own inner knowing, we will develop our relationship with this source of inner strength and stillness. Learn to draw on Earth as an effective balance to the fears, fire, and excitability of our own natures and as a foundation for entering into the wildness of sacred relationship.

Within ourselves, we experience a range of tensions and excitements that can bring us off track. Some are as wonderful as falling in love, others as terrible as grieving a sudden death. Practice dropping into the arms of the inner Father, who can hold us through the tempest, bringing comfort and peace without any need to deny or suppress our thoughts or feelings.

Where this becomes really powerful is as a platform for deeper sexual connection! By making love from a steady, grounded center, we can weave our way through the excitement of sensation, remaining conscious and intentional with our desire. Serve awakening, serve passion, and serve the divine connection with your partner by embodying these archetypes.

Through a presentation, group journeys, and individual exercises, this session will support the inner masculine in people of all genders, as well as help us to understand and invite this quality of the masculine in our relationships and our work as healers. We will also take time to ceremonially invoke this archetype for the global Masculine, who needs help and support right now in remembering who he is, and awakening to who he can become.

Amrita and Apollo’s Events

Tantric Shamanic Breathwork

with Amrita & Apollo Grace

Tantric Shamanic Breathwork will encompass 2 sessions and we ask that you commit to attending both. In one session, you will be breathing and your co-journeyer will hold space for you, and in the other, you will become the co-journeyer.

· Access natural altered states of consciousness for ecstatic expansion
· Journey into multi-dimensional realms for advanced knowledge & healing
· Access powerful inner guidance and spiritual-sexual awakening
· Clear what no longer serves you from your body and energy field

Tantric Shamanic Breathwork uses the healing power of circular breathing and chakra-attuned music in sacred ceremonial space to facilitate an altered state of consciousness for deep healing and transformation. It’s a powerfully ecstatic process that inspires you to remember and reconnect with your own inner shaman. As old patterns are released and transformed, you have an opportunity to regain lost soul parts and remember the magic of who you truly are. Empowerment brings wholeness to your life, to the lives of those you love, to and the world at large.

This process is highly experiential and the wisdom and healing gained comes from YOUR inner experience. Tantric Shamanic Breathwork honors and blends the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions with the emerging new-paradigm methods of tantric alchemy. It functions as the rainbow bridge between these two worlds honoring the best of both worlds while creating wholeness for your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

You will be guided through the process and offered the opportunity embrace a whole new level of your tantric shamanic self. After the breathwork process, you will be given access to art supplies to create a mandala of your experience.

The Top 3 Secrets to Mind Blowing Sex

with Leah Alchin Piper

Learn the various techniques & practices of why Breathing & Meditating quiet the mind & prepare you for being present which is the greatest gift you give yourself & your lover.
Separating the roles of Giver & Receiver - how it works from kissing to sacred spot massage ritual & why it teaches you the ability to feel subtle & erotic sensation more profoundly & the techniques you can deploy to make every feeling more intense. Energy Sex is the “next level” experience that transcends normal friction based sex into something so still, so powerful, so rich, & so ecstatic that normal sex will never be the same.

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® - The AH Practice

With Amrita Grace

  • Reignite your innate sensuality
  • Heal personal, lineage, & cultural trauma
  • Reclaim your juicy vitality and passionate aliveness
  • Activate your next level of power and presence
  • Gain a potent tool to support others
  • Deepen your connection to inner guidance

Join Amrita Grace to learn and practice the unique and potent body of work globally celebrated as AH-Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing®. Developed by the world-renowned Tantra Yoga Teacher Caroline Muir, AH is an incredible healing modality for clearing trauma, shame, and blocks to orgasm and sexual enjoyment. It involves a distinct giver and receiver (and often includes a witness); conscious, loving touch and connection; eye contact; breath, sound, and movement; and a powerful energetic container in which healing and magic happens.

What’s unique about AH practice is the fact that everyone stays fully clothed during a session. This does not in any way detract from its potency and power. Much like other forms of energy healing, it addresses the energy centers of the body with the giver either laying their hands on the receiver’s body or holding them just above it. What makes it different from other forms of energy work is that the lower chakras are directly addressed so that the approach is one of wholeness and inclusion of the entire body and energy field.

As you learn and practice AH in partners, you will be guided step by step with love, compassion, graceful mastery, and the highest of integrity.


with Shivoso Phoenix

How to make Authentic and Beneficial Connections Competently and Conscientiously

When we set out to make a new connection or to deepen an existing relationship there is often a huge gap between what we are shown, what we project on to the other, and the real person in front of us. This often leads to a lot of wasted effort, time and useless drama. What we need are the best navigation tools we can find to reveal the authentic connection we are looking for.
In this interactive workshop you learn and practice techniques that will not only help you vet new encounters for:
but will also help you take existing encounters to a whole new level of intimacy, trust and love. This is a workshop for all genders and all relationship states and styles.


with Evalena Rose

Enjoy practicing Tantra, sharing deep presence and healing exchanges. Drop in through grounding and breath practices designed to activate kundalini and move it through the chakras, preparing the body for full body orgasm. Enjoy connecting with heart-centered exercises, dance, movement, and breath. Learn erotic communication skills that allow you to ask for what you want and get it, with gratitude for being asked. Complete with a mini-Puja, a celebration of all we’ve learned, enjoying many different partners (committed partners can stay together).

People find this work deeply fulfilling, enjoyable, and nurturing, able to meet intimacy needs with deep presence and sacredness. Come enjoy many appetizers of the amazing banquet Tantra offers. Bring a zafu or pillow, wear comfortable clothing.

See more at

Shakti Self Nurturing

Womyn's Yoni Yoga, Pelvic Energy Practices and Breast Massage

with Amara Karuna

Open and energize your sacred female Shakti energy!

This group is a beautiful experience of cultivating your sexual/sensual Goddess energy, and strengthening your loving connection with your body. Recommended for anyone wanting healing from trauma, shame or illness in the pelvic area, or just more aliveness.

* Taoist qigong for Women, and yoni exercises for building our physical energy and keeping our yoni toned and healthy. This is much more detailed than Kegels!

*Learn about the complex structure of your clitoris, g spot, and to flex the various rings of muscles inside and out. This is fantastic for health and increasing sexual response!

* Work with nurturing self breast massage to tone your breasts, flush out toxins, balance your hormones and relieve menstrual discomforts.

This class includes nudity on the upper body. No sexual activity.


with Ray Adastra

Come join us for an evening of fun and experiential exploration of the wheel of consent.

Play Betty Martin’s sensual 3-minute touch game, and learn how sexy boundaries and consent can be. Learn how to clearly ask for what you want, and find out where the blocks and confusion are in getting what you want.

How do you know if you are receiving or just allowing?

How do you know if you are giving or actually taking?

How does that affect your experience of touching and being touched?

Come find out, explore and play.


with Tim Weaver

So often our sexuality and intimacy becomes stagnant, subdued, or routine, and we forget the primal alchemy of Sexual Union that transcends the everyday, and becomes one of the peak mystical, physical and emotional experiences that we forever treasure!

Tim will be sharing concrete practices to enliven and reinvigorate your personal sexual energy and expand your pleasure potential with a partner, and stoke your Creative Sexual Fire. He will be drawing on material from The Universal Healing Tao system, as taught by Master Mantak Chia, a comprehensive framework that specifically addresses how to cultivate and increase human sexual energy, and how to utilize this powerful force for greater physical health, sexual pleasure, and universal connection.

We will begin with a mediation that focuses on increasing arousal and sexual energy, followed by a brief description of the MicroCosmic orbit and how to actively practice this ancient technique by incorporating breath, sound and movement.

Finally, an interactive partner practice that integrates many of the Taoist techniques to build a deep sense of sensual intimacy, unconditional love, and Divine connection will complete the playshop.

Body Honoring

with Amara Karuna

Do you want to be more comfortable with your body and loving your form as it is?

Do you sometimes struggle with feeling good about being embodied at all?
Come be honored as the spirit in body that you are!

Join us in creating sacred space to adore and honor each other's physical forms as the magical, amazing, divine creations that they are!

We use fantasy and imagery, offerings, and reverent sensual touch to step out of our usual personalities and drop into deeper levels of awareness.

You will connect with friends of both genders in a series of guided rituals that encourage you to be fully present as you share eye contact, breathing, toning, conscious touch, massage, meaningful conversation, etc.

Intro to Ecstatic Erotic Dance!

Erotic Embodiment Ecstatic Dance Journey

with Shoshana B Love

Join us for a sexy, fun and playful guided movement and ecstatic dance journey to connect with your erotic self. This class is designed to help free your erotic energy in order to access greater freedom, vitality, creativity, connection to self and others! We begin with a sultry session of sensual yoga to tune in, open up and awaken our senses and then we will be moving and dancing to sweet sounding and evocative grooves! Come get your sexy on!

Bring your sexy self, a yoga mat, water bottle and blindfold (optional).


Enjoy our vibrant evening events, filled with music, dance and ritual, bringing us all home together.

Tantra Pujas and Ecstatic Dance led by powerful teachers will give you moments of depth and sharing you will always remember!

Welcoming Puja

with Kim Keller

Puja is the sanskrit word that means to honor, worship and adore, and includes prayerful intention of blessing the being or item before you. In this “welcome puja”, we will be blessing one another with a playful and prayerful energy. This uplifting and transformative meditation is designed to heal, awaken, and open the energy system of one another.

We will stand in a circle and engage in meditation, sacred touch and verbal sharing techniques guided by puja-loving facilitator, Kim Keller. By sharing this low-risk, clothing-on, experiential ritual together, we gain greater understanding of Tantric principles and practices.

We will each get a taste of the possibilities of the deep intimacy and passion that this spiritual approach to love brings. Designed to include everyone, our welcome puja is not gender balanced, and will bring you into a deep connection with yourself, with others at the festival, with the intention of this gathering, and most importantly, with the unified field of conscious loving.

Concert, Kirtan and Dance

with OmTara

OmTara crafts an invitational, intimate and uplifting live experience. Audiences sing along to Buddhist, Sanskrit, & Kundalini Mantras with English lyrics that tell heart-opening stories about what these ancient mantras convey. Three-part harmonies & lively melodies raise the collective vibration while audiences dance, sing, meditate and bliss out!


with Ray Adastra

This is a sensual event where we come together to give and receive massages in groups of three. In a safe environment, groups of people will get together and caress and massage one person at a time.
After going over a set of rules such as asking for boundaries, expressing boundaries, and confidentiality, we will get into groups of three or four and have time for a fifteen minute massage each, before expressing our gratitude and clearing out for the night.

Please bring your own yoga mats, towels and/or blankets for the space, to keep the oil off the carpet. Ray will be bringing massage oils. Relax, give, receive, enjoy, and leave with an oxytocin and dopamine high you'll feel for days.

Heart to Heart Puja

with Evalena Rose

Enjoy a playful and deeply fulfilling experience of sharing connection and joyous ritual with familiar and new partners. Gently guided heart-centered interactions allow connections sacred enough to safely share ecstasy, energetically orgasmic exchanges, and appreciation of diversity in erotic signatures. Nurturing and often energizing, these exchanges allow you to receive the blessings of deep presence and of having a sacred container in which to practice intimate erotic and romantic arts within a sacred container.

We'll share undulatory breath practices and soul gazing, sacred touch of your choice, possibly erotic dance or movement, chakra merging breaths, and other erotic practices. The exercises can be sensual, intimate and deeply moving though not sexual, and are designed to see the divine in each other. The shared pleasures heal and people get a lot of intimacy needs met through these Pujas.

Red Hot Heart Song

with Shoshana B Love

A musical sharing late night around the camp fire...bring your musical instruments, your musical self and your sweet and sexy songs and lets create some Red Hot musical alchemy! All styles welcome!
This may be inside, depending on the weather.

Sacred Touch Ritual - Honoring The Divine

Kim Keller Tantrica, Sex and Intimacy Coach & Jimmy Nacey, Tantric Practitioner, LMT

Conscious touch requires a high level of presence, consent, clarity, energetic intention and resonance. In this workshop, Kim and Jimmy will demonstrate a simple and potent touch ritual and technique that will bring your partner, lover or friend into ecstatic states of bliss without any genital stimulation. Learn to bring your heart into your hands, and your adoration into your words. Utilizing a unique full body touch posture, you will have the opportunity to witness this ritual, and then perform this ritual on your partner or other workshop participant. You can bring along a practice partner, or find someone in the workshop to practice with. *Note: there will be no nudity in this workshop, however there will be the opportunity to give and receive full body touch.


with Gabriella Cordova

Skin is the boundary between self and other: the thing that protects us yet separates us. Sensation as experienced through touch has the power to bring down barriers and create the experience of oneness. In this hands-on class you will learn through practice how to touch consciously, lovingly, and in a way that fosters deep connection.

You will be able to remain with a partner, to switch practice partners, or to practice on yourself. You will be reminded that you are always at choice and must NEVER participate in an activity if it is not a HELL Yes!

This is a Level 3 class (running sexual energy up to the level of making out, but no form of penetration), if this is not something you feel comfortable with, please do not attend this class. Please have attended a consent and boundaries course, one of which will be taught at the beginning of the festival.

There will be limited space to attend this workshop due to the size of the room. Show up on time if you want to get in!