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Join our morning movement and meditation sessions to align and revive your body, mind and spirit. Then join us for inspiring experiential workshops throughout the day, led by well known facilitators who are passionate about sharing their work and insights with you!

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Open into new skills and connections with your self and others!

Below are the details of the Workshops and Offerings that will be offered during our days together.

Keynote Process: A Journey into Love and Freedom

With Crystal Dawn Morris

This guided movement meditation uses music to open the heart to unconditional love and freedom. It supports a deep listening to the wisdom of the “True-Self” reconnecting participants to their sense of being whole and complete. Clothing optional.

Bring something to lay on at the end of the practice and to cover up with (if you get cold).

Yoga – Union with the Divine

With Hema Ganapathy

Come and experience a uniquely traditional yoga class that focuses on integrating the mind, body and spirit. These classes are based upon ancient teachings and will have a mixture of asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath exercises) and yoga philosophy teachings.


With Reid Mihalko

Taking the woo-woo out of all those ancient (and juicy) lovemaking techniques…

Do you wish there was more than just the hump, grunt, and grind of conventional sex? Ever feel like your lover (or yourself) was cursed with only one color to paint your sexual landscape with?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Tantra and remember reading somewhere (last month’s Cosmo?) something about “expanded orgasms,” but think that kind of stuff is only for people like Sting, yoga instructors or porn stars.

Maybe you’ve had ecstatic experiences in the bedroom that border on spiritual, but they’re so far and few between that you can hardly recall (and maybe it was just the booze…).

Perhaps you’ve read a book on the Kama Sutra or talked to someone about sacred sexuality, but it was too “woo-woo” and new age-y for your sensibilities…

What if we told you mind-blowing, ecstatic sex was not only possible but learnable and didn’t have to set off your “new age” alarms?

Join sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of for a fun, light-hearted romp into the world of sacred sexuality. Explore enhanced lovemaking techniques, communication skills helpful for deepening intimacy, and breathing techniques to increase your arousal and sexual stamina in this workshop designed for anyone curious about Tantra, bettering their relationships, and having fun in the bedroom.

In this pragmatic, informative (and humorous) workshop, you will be introduced to:

Neo-Tantra and sacred sex basics
What the heck is energetic sex, how it “works” and why so many of us never figure it out
Breathing techniques that you can use to access new areas of sensation and body awareness
Kissing as the “gateway drug” to higher states of ecstatic sex!
Simple exercises and pressure points you can practice alone and with a partner that will kick off your energetic sexual journey.

A few advanced tips and tricks that are sure to make you smile and your partner moan!
Don’t get us wrong, we know sex -even mediocre sex- can be lots of fun, but do you ever wish you had a wider palette of techniques and experiences to draw from? Well, you can! Regardless of your level of experience, your age, your sexual orientation or gender.

You can improve your sexual prowess and skills, and have fun doing it! Join us. Bring a notebook. And bring your friends!


With Gwenn Cody and Magdalena Zadikov

In this session we use the Pelvic Heart Integration model of breathwork to activate your system and work through the obstructions formed by chronic emotional and energetic patterns, usually developed in childhood. The session takes us through a developmental sequence that opens the “inner flute” and brings awareness to places that have been wounded, blocked or disowned and offers nourishment and vitality to the innate self.

People often feel a new sense of release and possibility after the session. Please come with a sarong and water bottle.

Developing Healthy Boundaries and Deep Presence

With Evalena Rose

Explore ways we open to or avoid deep intimacy. Discover coping mechanisms you may unconsciously use to deal with being vulnerable. Experience the deep presence Tantric exchanges make possible. Explore how erotic communication skills help us ask for what we want while deepening connection. Sharing non-sexual touch lets us practice communicating desires as we release what prevents fulfilling them Enlightening, pleasurable practical skills that enhance intimacy.

BECOMING your own best lover!

with OnaRay Heart

— a Ne0-Tantric Empowerment Workshop

DO you remember a time when you didn’t feel loved? WHEN you were longing for connection and pleasure?

Tantra reminds US that everything WE need is inside of ourselves.
The TANTRA way is to remember our DIVINITY and to know our unlimited human potential! I am excited to share with you my own life experiences that awakened in me a profound energetic shift … How to LOVE yourself WHOLE!

BECOMING your OWN inner lover is HOW you can LEARN to feel FULLY WHOLE and ALIVE! The “sacred tremor” of Spandakarika is a gateway into the energetics of living a Tantra Life. It is beyond transforming and powerful. This energetic wisdom called Tantra is a doorway into feeling more alive and complete inside. Activating this inner-aliveness is HOW you can experience pleasure in every moment. Then just being alive you fall in love with life and with yourself!

I will take you on a journey that goes beyond the physical…. Beyond just the genitals AND beyond the contrast of a binary existence toward an experience of ONEness!

We will go on a Journey into your Erotic Nature inviting life to become both pleasurable and divine, BOTH Sexual and Sacred. The pleasure of existence is our LOVER!

I welcome EVERYONE in ALL Shapes, Sizes, Sexual Orientations and Preferences.
FOR anyone who wants to feel more ALIVE and CONNECTED to LIFE!

We will co-create a Tantric Playshop of curiosity and pleasure. We are connecting INSIDE to our OWN inner LOVER!


With Hema Ganapathy

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they use the term “energy” when talking about Tantra or spirituality? Or have you had an experience of energy either in your own body or with someone else?
If yes, come and learn about the science behind human energy, what the different energy bodies are and how to tap into your and other people’s energies.

You will get to do energy exercises and experiment in a safe and fun environment. All exercises will be clothed with no sexual touch. All you need to do is bring an open mind and heart!

Awaken: Activate Your Body’s Wisdom To Heal What Hurts

with Yarah Sutra

Awaken™ draws on ancient tantric shamanic traditions and is set to modern music designed for your healing and wellbeing during the accelerated times we live in. The keys shared in this practice, cleanse, heal, and activate your energy centers (a.k.a – Charkas) and when done regularly and consistently, have life-changing results:

~ Release stress, anxiety and other blocked energy that holds you back from fully living life.
~ Be free of old resentments and drop the emotional (and most likely, physical) weight you’ve been carrying around for years.
~ Unleash your authentic voice, so you can communicate healthy boundaries clearly and with authority.
~ Reconnect with the wisdom of your body and confidently trust yourself to make the best decisions possible.
~ and so, so much more!

Not your typical dance class, this movement-medicine journey is mapped through the chakra system, ecstatically activating your life force energy (a.k.a – Kundalini) and self-healing abilities. It’s designed to wake you up! Ecstatic Awakenings anyone? This workshop is open for people of all genders, races, ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities. It requires no coordination, fitness or prior dance experience— You are welcome as you are, just come with a desire to…
1. Move.
2. Heal.
3. Awaken the next level of your potential.

Wear clothing for movement and don’t forget your water bottle.

Healing your relationships

with Troy Carter and Marie Anna Winter

We all carry wounds of the hurt that happened in our past relationships. Relationships with former lovers, friends and even our caretakers form how we feel act in our present day relationships

When these wounds work underneath the surface they can show up and surprise us as triggers, emotional reactions or fears of intimacy.

This workshop invites you to look at what relationships and pains from the past you carry into your present day relationships.
You will be invited into a healing process to release what is ready to released, and find deeper freedom into your relationships. Open to everyone.


When Your Sex Center Speaks You Better Listen
With Gwenn Cody and Magdalena Zadikov

 This playshop will provide the opportunity to explore the secret life of your genitals. While we all think our mind knows what’s going on and what we really want, when we listen to our sex center we often discover that we’ve gotten it all wrong. If we tune in carefully to our deep sexual self, our choices, our wounds, our histories and our longings will be revealed to us from a completely different perspective.

Working in dyads we will have the opportunity to be support each others inquiry and provide deep witness. Please bring a journal/paper and something to write with, along with your curiosity and compassion. Everyone is welcome. Nudity welcome but not required


With Victor Warring

Join us and enjoy a safe space to dance without talking, drinking and the nightclub vibe. This is about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and others in vibrant health.

Ecstatic Dance empowers people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to freely express themselves; the liberating atmosphere creates a melting pot of acceptance and the fearlessness with which others move gives newbies permission and courage to dance without inhibition.

Chakragasm: The Ecstatic Journey Through The Chakra Erogenous Zones

with Yarah Sutra

Has your sex experience become routine?
Do you want to experience exquisite pleasure?

Pleasure is good for you, just as bliss is your birthright. Seriously. The human body is designed for it, with dopamine receptors, massive bundles of nerve endings, and energy centers (a.k.a Chakras) just waiting to be ecstatically activated.

Chakragasm is an exploration of the rainbow-colored map to bliss. In this provocative talk and pleasure demo, you will:

~ Identify the pleasure map across the energetic and erotic terrain of our 7 main energy centers.
~ Discover how to awaken, express and activate each chakra to tap into your full ecstatic potential.
~ Learn 3 hot secrets that turn regular sex into a satisfying sensual adventure.

Sexual energy is one of the most potent forms of transformative energy we have available to us. When one fails to utilize it, they’re literally stunting their personal growth potential. Join Yarah, as she shows you how to cultivate exquisite pleasure for your ecstatic evolution and become the best version of yourself.

Open to everyone.

The Ins and Outs of Hand-Sex

With Reid Mihalko

Do you wish you had more tricks and know-how when it comes to using your hands on your lovers? Feel confident when it comes to your usual “hand-jive” routine but want to add a few new surprises in your bag of tricks? Perhaps you get good grades from your sex partners when it comes to lovemaking but their genitalia and erogenous zones still mystify you?

In today’s “Insert Tab A into Slot B”-centric culture, Hand Sex is one of the most overlooked and untapped sources of pleasure. And unlike your standard “go-to” sex equipment, God gave most of us two hands with five digits each, which, when you do the math, equals way more than just doubling your pleasure!

Join world renowned sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of for an entertaining, low pressure and informative workshop on how to make love to men and women using your hands.

In this 2-hour workshop, complete with live demonstrations (on produce!) where you get to watch and ask questions, Reid will cover:

How you can transform your hands into one of your best sexual assets!
Ways to utilize the zillions of nerves in your fingers and hands to “listen” to and track your partner’s sexual response so you can access better information and make him or her squeal
Several “best practices” for accessing and stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones
Reid’s best kept secret of Hand Sex: how to use pressure and your own body weight to drive your partner crazy!
How to take the sexual equipment you were born with (and are probably most familiar with) and map out what you already know onto someone else’s plumbing so you don’t have to think!
G-Spot, P-Spot, the Reach Around and the Finger Bang made easy!
Safer Sex hand hygiene so you can go mano a mano with confidence…
Ways to use verbal communication during love-making so that your partners can better relax and leave their pleasure, literally, “in your hands”
You don’t have to go to medical school to have the hands of a surgeon and you don’t have to be born a lesbian to know how to use your hands!

Whatever your gender identity, no matter what your age or sexual preference, masterfully making love to another with your hands can be a huge turn-on and self-esteem boost. Not to mention that Hand Sex is one of the best fall-back plans (or savvy, lead-with tactics) to have at the ready when the rest of you is worn out or incapacitated, or you’re just looking to roll up your sleeves and spice things up!

Let your fingers learn how to do the walking and join Reid for this Show-N-Tell Sex Ed workshop for adults.

Return to Intimacy – workshop for individuals

with Marie Anna Winter

Come practice the art of not having to make anything, produce anything, or be anything other than you are.

In this workshop you will experience a space of research, openness and trust.
You will be guided in a series of interactions in which we explore what arises in the contact and practice to communicate with radical honesty.

You will practice with finding your truth in contact and experience the deep intimacy that arises when truth is shared.

Erotic Pleasuring Meditation

With Evalena Rose

Evalena Rose will guide us in a deep love exploration with our Inner Lover and the Divine Beloved through this White Tantra piece. You’ll lie in a mandala, eyes closed, and be supported in undulatory breathing and movement. Music and Evalena’s words guide you in offering yourself touch that is honoring, treasuring, and cherishing while connecting to the light of love itself.

Conscious touch awakens the nerve endings in all of your body, preparing it for full body orgasm. Deeply healing and pleasurable, while increasing your capacity for self-love and for receiving pleasure.

Embody. Shakti Activation

with OnaRay Heart!
Sensual Sisterhood Playshop

LEARNING to love ourselves awake is the pathway of Tantra Awareness and Acceptance.
This playshop is an invitation to fully explore the boundless love of our sensual nature. Sensuality reminds us what it is like to live life completely in the present moment.
Living a Tantric life is living and loving in the present moment.

THIS playful workshop will be an opportunity to gather in a sacred cauldron as Sisters and Sacred Mirrors to honor and witness each other in our Shakti Power and Creative Beauty!
This is the Tantra Way… RECOGNIZING our Divine Sovereignty and God/Goddess Nature.
We will co-create an opportunity to fully dive into our Sensuality – to LOVE ourselves Awake and awaken our Divine Nature!

We will utilise the powerful Tantra pillars of Breath, Sound, and Movement to activate and unleash the inner shaft of light in her full Glory. Recognizing the gift of this Shakti Power we self-manifest our reality. We will honor every inch of our body-temple and enliven our creative boundless sexual life force and Shakti Flow!

When we activate our Shakti nature we unleash our full human potential. When we learn what naturally feels yummy on a sensual level WE as FEMALES become more embodied as HUMAN BEINGS and therefore more capable of being sexually confident, sovereign and divine!

I invite you to this powerful transmission of a Living Tantric Experience to empower and transform your life!

From the Outside In

With Krista Nova

The art of opening the body happens from the outside in. This approach is a significant key in pleasure alchemy. Learn the approach that helps us maintain constant simmer while reaching various boiling points. Let’s use touch, presence and love to guide us to ecstasy.

This workshop involves quite a bit of touch. Not genital touch. Nudity welcome but again not necessary but perhaps convenient.

The Three Commandments of 3somes, 4somes & Moresomes

with cliff Rees and Charity!

Multi-partner interactions can be among the most exciting and rewarding sexual experiences, and they can also be among the most awkward and unpleasant.

In Part 1 we’ll start with the three essential rules for creating fulfilling, drama-free, multi-partner “dates” as well as describing what situations and/or initial conditions are almost guaranteed to create a truly memorable disaster. Those three commandments are:

1. Everyone wants to be there.
2. Everyone wants everyone else to be there.
3. Everyone needs to remain aware of everyone else, at least most of the time.

We’ll cover:

• Why do so many people fantasize and/or dive into multi-partner experiences?
• What configurations can a 3some take?
• What’s different about a 4some and a 3some?
• What’s an orgy?
• What are the biggest fears going in to multi-partner play?
• What are the warning signs that “this may be a bad idea…”?
• How do we negotiate desires, fears and boundaries beforehand?
• What are good ways to start the interaction?
• How do I check in with my partner without stopping everything?
• How does one deal with “sex brain” in any of the participants?
• How do I leave in the middle without bringing everything to a halt?
• How can we be sure everyone gets their fill?
• What are good ways to end?
• Why is it a good idea to have a closing cuddle?
• What are the potential effects on my relationships later?

The Tantrik Wave

with Crystal Dawn Morris

This is a dyadic meditation practice that involves using sound, breath, movement and touch (within your boundaries) to melt into Awareness and access Bliss. We will be exploring how this practice can help us to be more aware of our sovereignty in daily life.

You don’t need to come with a partner. Clothing optional down to underwear or sarong.

Deep Wild Wisdom: Freeing Your Beautiful Belly Beast

with Amara Karuna

Rewilding the Core
Come join us as we support each other in re-wilding and opening our core bodies, using breath work, bodywork, sounding, playful movement and powerful ritual!

Do you find yourself often too busy, too scattered, stressed or distracted by other people’s needs?
Is it sometimes challenging to know who you are, what you want and how you are feeling?
Do you feel emotionally numb or have digestive issues?
Feelings of being lost, overwhelmed and numb are symptoms of our inner disconnection from our deep core wisdom. We are trained by our culture to live in our minds, and ignore the beautiful beast that lives in our guts.

Power in Your Belly
That wild self is our connection to our old magic; the part of us that always knows the next step to take, that feels the flow of the subtle energies of the world around us. The Hawaiians call it the Na’au, the deep wise self, the wild child.

That animal self is far more ancient than our intellect, and is discounted, caged and domesticated to the point where it become lost from our conscious awareness. Then we have issues such as loss of aliveness, shame and guilt about our needs, abdominal and digestive pain, and feelings of dead numbness.

Core Pleasure Activation
We can do a lot to help each other open and heal, using the power of our combined attention to create transformation in just a few hours. We will learn solo skills that you can using in everyday life, and enjoy the pleasure of touch and loving empathy from others.

Rituals for Deep Wild Wisdom
Core Chi Activation-
Breath and movement for activating the core

Belly Bliss Massage-
Techniques for healing and moving chi in the intestines, bladder and uterus

Tuning in to the Belly Beast-
and giving it space for expression, tuning to our animal selves

Butt Bliss Massage-
Work on the sacrum, buttock and perineal area to open the energy channels at the root, (fully clothed)

Repatterning Ritual-
Sound, Rhythm and Affirmation to create new neural pathways and behaviors


Enjoy our vibrant evening events, filled with music, dance and ritual, bringing us all home together.
Neo-Tantra ceremonies and Ecstatic Dance led by powerful teachers will give you moments of depth and sharing you will always remember!


with Kim Keller and Amara Karuna

Let’s come together to see who showed up, and connect! We will be doing fun playful activities, and mixers that help you meet and greet! Step into deep presence, shared breath and open hearts with kindred spirits.

Radiant Heart Ceremony

With Evalena Rose

Enjoy playful and deeply fulfilling connections with old friends and delightful new people. Be gently guided in heart-centered exchanges that are nurturing and often energizing, filled with the blessings of deep presence and universal love.
We share undulatory breath practices, soul gazing, sacred touch, erotic dance, and chakra merging breaths, all with boundaries and respect. Sensual, though not sexual, intimate and deeply moving, designed to see the divinity in each other. Pleasure heals!


with Cliff Rees

This is a sensual event where we come together to give and receive massages in groups of three. In a safe environment, groups of people will get together and caress and massage one person at a time.
After going over a set of rules such as asking for boundaries, expressing boundaries, and confidentiality, we will get into groups of three or four and have time for a fifteen minute massage each, before expressing our gratitude and clearing out for the night.

Please bring your own yoga mats, towels and/or blankets for the space, to keep the oil off the carpet. Cliff will be bringing massage oils. Relax, give, receive, enjoy, and leave with an oxytocin and dopamine high you’ll feel for days.

Matangi Ritual

With Krista Nova

Time to open the portal between the worlds through Neo-Tantric Ritual. Matangi is the Goddess of the arts, music and knowledge and this ritual shall be consecrated to her. This ritual will open a sacred and charged space for prayer while experiencing a variety of delicious tantric practices. This ceremony is a fusion of both traditional and Neo tantric practices.

Intimacy exercises, but not high on the scale of physical interaction.


With Kim Keller and Jimmy Nacey

Conscious touch requires a high level of presence, consent, clarity, energetic intention and resonance. In this workshop, Kim and Jimmy will demonstrate a simple and potent touch ritual and technique that will bring your partner, lover or friend into ecstatic states of bliss without any genital stimulation.

Learn to bring your heart into your hands, and your adoration into your words. Utilizing a unique full body touch posture, you will have the opportunity to witness this ritual, and then perform this ritual on your partner or other workshop participant. You can bring along a practice partner, or find someone in the workshop to practice with. *Note: there may be nudity in this workshop (underwear must stay on), and the opportunity to give and receive full body touch.