WHAT IF you had a safe space to free your sensuality, and
play in community with spiritual family?

WHAT IF you could feel the power
of coming home to your true inner self?

EXPERIENCE the strong field of transformation and love that is created when we join our hearts,
honor our bodies and bring sacred intention into all levels of being.

STEP INTO an open, caring community of like-minded souls, and come play with us!
These events are potent moments for increasing hope, vitality and joy, carrying us all forward on our paths.

This 4 day festival offers conscious movement, ceremony, respectful touch,
relationship and communication skills, and tantric practices,
all in a lovely rural wooded retreat center near Portland, Oregon.

Grace & Kim talk Inclusivity

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What Happens At A Tantra Festival?

Watch this short video for an intro!

Movement for Embodiment with Victor

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A rich array of passionate and experienced teachers will be offering experiential and interactive events for you to enjoy. See our Facilitators page for information on them all!

are certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teachers and are senior faculty members at the Ecstatic Living Institute.

Cassidy and Mika

Amara Karuna


Hema Ganapathy

Cliff Rees

David Bruce Leonard

Evalena Rose

Gwenn Cody

Galen Fous

Grace Bryant

Jodi Baygood

Jonathan Robinson

Big River John

Kauma Anahata

Kim Keller

Magdalena Zadikov

Ray Adastra

Reid Mihalko

Robyn Smith & Patrick

Rusty Stewart

Victor Warring

Day Delights

Join our morning movement and meditation sessions to align and revive your body, mind and spirit. Then join us for inspiring experiential workshops throughout the day, led by well known facilitators who are passionate about sharing their work and insights with you! Open into new skills and connections with your self and others!

Evening Experiences

Enjoy our vibrant evening events, filled with music, dance, rituals and entertainment, bringing us all home together. Tantra pujas and Ecstatic Dance led by powerful teachers will give you moments of depth and sharing you will always remember!


• Tantric Arts
• Communication
• Personal & Spiritual Development
• Dance, Movement Meditations and Yoga
• Aware Touch and Consent
• Sexual and Emotional Healing


PRACTICING bringing presence,
respect and love into relationships and intimacy.

CREATING SPAFE SPACE for exploring all levels of our being
including body, heart, mind and soul.

RESPECTING all people,
DEEPER CONNECTIONS with our inner selves and others,
and becoming MORE EMBODIED.

Events will be experiential, sensual, safe and sweet. Great for both beginners and experienced participants.

The Venue

Cedar Ridge Retreat
is a 28 acre piece of paradise located just 50 minutes from Portland International Airport in Veronia, OR.


We will be serving delicious healthy fresh food for all to enjoy! Take advantage of the high vibrations of the food that is included in all the tickets!


Simple and affordable on site camping, in your tent or our shared larger tents, private rooms and shared dorm accommodations are available.

Festival Prices

We offer a range of prices and lodging options,
ranging from $210 for weekend only offsite, to $495 onsite stay for the 4 days in dorms!
We have a few private tent options that will go really fast!


Excited to be apart of this unique experience? Fill out the registration form, and then select your payment option.

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